Mission, Vision, and Values


The Greater Easton Development Partnership (GEDP) is a volunteer driven, non-profit entity that collaborates to nurture Easton’s economic well-being and cultural vibrancy.


We strive towards making Easton a national model of a livable and welcoming small city.


Organic Growth—We support development that fosters neighborhoods and city-wide sustainability.

Hospitality—We help to maintain a safe, clean, and beautiful city that welcomes residents, business owners, and guests to our historic and natural environments.

Collaboration—We seek partnerships with all entities that make up Easton, including its citizens, businesses, organizations, and government.

Grassroots—We recognize and encourage the volunteer spirit and cultural diversity that enable our work.

Heritage—We share a deep reverence for Easton’s history and culture.

Experience—We create a space for meaningful engagements that build neighborhood and citywide pride.